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OEW5 will take place on October 3-5, the event will be hosted by Calaveras Tactical. OEW5 will take place in Copperopolis, CA

Standing orders:
- Register on
- You will receive a specific rally point location 3 days before the operation
- A guide will bring the war party to the battlefield

October 3rd, 2014 (+$50) (Optional)
Formal combat training by Calaveras tactical
- 2pm-4pm workshop covering:
- Use of cover
- Proper corner techniques
- Respond to ambush
- Room clearing
- Non-verbal communications
- Mounted (vehicular) operationss

October 3rd and 5th, 2014 ($50):
- Mag fed only game
- Free on-site camping
- Field paintball only

Rental ($50):
Rental package comes with:
1 x MKP-II/468/T68
6 x Magazines
2 x Mag pouch (holds 6 mags)
1 x Mag pouch belt

OEW5 Registration



RAP4 is proud to invite you to Operation: End War exclusive tactical challenge that is only open to the most dedicated of magfed players. Scheduled to unfold at a top secret location somewhere near Copperopolis, California, Operation: End War 4 will commence at exactly 8am on Saturday, October 19th.

If you're not right where the teams are mustering, right at that won't get to follow the crew to the top secret front lines of this autumn's hottest mil-sim game!

RAP4 has teamed up with Calaveras Tactical to put on the most exhilarating - and realistic - Operation: End War to date. Calaveras Tactical is staffed by tactical shooting instructors with extensive backgrounds in military and law enforcement work, including SWAT members, Iraq and Afghanistan war vets, combat medics...all professionals who know their way around real-world tactical operations. Their partnership in scripting, staging, and executing Operation: End War 4 will help us create the most demanding, realistic, and exciting mil-sim challenge yet.

This will be a magfed only game, meaning that players must deploy with magfed paintball guns - no hoppers allowed. To ensure that you get to use the perfect paint for your gun, and to help keep your costs down, we require players to bring their own paint - whatever it is that your gun shoots best. You are welcome to bring any magfed paintball gun you wish to use, whether a primary battle weapon or a sidearm...and we'll have MKP-II and 468 markers available to rent for the weekend.

The MKP-II is our ready-to-go magfed marker that features genuine Tippmann internal parts inside of a dedicated magfed body that is designed to accept our revolutionary DMags...while providing intensely realistic looks, feel, and tactical experience. The 468 is our awe-inspiring new magfed paintball gun that is engineered from the lower receiver up to duplicate the look, controls, balance, and experience of shooting an M4-pattern duty rifle. These rifles are exactly what the mission demands when the paint starts flying and the stakes are high.

The action begins on Saturday, October 19th, with that 8am muster. Once registered, you'll receive exclusive mission briefings and information about this top-secret deployment, including coordinates for where exactly to meet. The first paint will fly at 10am...and the action doesn't stop until 6pm. You'll need a lot of water, a lot of paint, and a whole lot of DMags, so you can stay in the action all day.

Free camping is available that night; sign up in advance, and come prepared. Then on Sunday, starting promptly at 10am, we've arranged an exclusive tactical shooting class for Operation: End War 4 participants. You'll receive expert instruction in moving off the line of attack, ambush response, “slicing the pie,” room entry, and even an introduction to operating with vehicles. This is pro-level instruction from seasoned veterans...available exclusively to those who play Operation: End War 4.

Are you ready to prove yourself in true paintball combat?

RAP4 - As Real as it Gets!

Visit: to register



Reason #1: Be the first to test and get your hands on the latest RAP468 and USMG Gear
rap4 big paintball game

Reason #2: Each player will get a cool team patch


Reason #3: Win a trophy to take home


And oh YES!!!

Who will you fight for?

- Operation End War: Story and Missions

- Operation End War: Meet the Generals

- Operation End War: CA, September 29-30

More information:






 Real  		Action Paintball

The battle is drawing near, and Real Action Paintball wants to make sure you're swept up in it. On September 29th, Albanian forces of the Albanian Invasion Movement (AIM) will sweep into Orino, Greece, and battle the defending Greek Ultra-Nationalists (GUN) in an unprecedented Operation: End War 3, this year's hottest mag-fed-only scenario game!

Their first challengers sweep across the border from Albania on September 29th, and you'd better be locked and loaded regardless of whose side you're on. With missions that include demolitions and reconnaissance, targeted operations and broad campaigns, Operation: End War 3 will have you reloading just as fast as you can swap magazines.

Operation: End War 3 is a mag-fed-only game, meaning that you can only use your magazine-fed, mil-sim marker. Don't have one? No worries - RAP4 has a terrific rental package that includes a cutting-edge MKV marker, several spare magazines, and a magazine carrier. Once you come to appreciate the MKV's effectiveness in battle, you can buy the marker for a steep discount only available at the event.

Then bring it back to your home field and show your friends the excitement of the hot new mag-fed paintball format.

How good of a marksman are you? How good are you at running small group maneuvers, and working with a team? You'll find out at Operation: End War 3, and if you're good enough, you can turn the tide for your team.

But first, make sure we're holding a spot for you by registering here:

Event: Operation: End War 3
Dates: September 29-30
Field: The Paintball Zone
Location: Near Waterford, California

We'll see you at the field.

Real Action Paintball - As Real as it Gets!

Who will you fight for?

- Operation End War: Story and Missions

- Operation End War: Meet the Generals

- Operation End War: CA, September 29-30


Meet your Generals

General John Peterson ("JP") of The Albanian Invasion Movement (AIM)

Loyal to Team -
general commader of paintball game

John Peterson ("JP") is one of the leaders of 1st MAGOS, a MILSIM paintball team that consists of U.S Army and U.S. Marine operatives based out of Northern California. Peterson has participated in numerous paintball and Airsoft missions as well as participated in real world combat missions and training exercises that include Operation Desert Storm, Operation Desert Shield, Operation Team Spirit and CAX (Combined Arms Exercise) while serving active duty in the Marine Corps. He is the recipient of the National Defense medal, Good Conduct medal, Overseas deployment medal, a Meritorious Mast and Letter of Appreciation from the Commanding Officer of Marine Aviation Group 31. He is classroom trained and certified in terrorist counter measures, last riffle qualified as a Sharpshooter in the United States Marines, gas chamber qualified, open water scuba diving certified and vocationally skilled in Naval Aviation Electronics. Peterson has served his military and civilian duties domestically and abroad (40 countries) with his longest military sea service being in Japan and the Philippines for a period of one year. During his Airsoft and Paintball play, Peterson uses tactical military equipment that includes sophisticated comm, a BT TM-15, RAP4 T68, Tipmann US Army Alpha Black, RAM P99 Pistol, T68 Box Mag, etc. and commands the role of a Heavy Gunner, Sabre Rifleman and Squad Leader. Outside of Peterson's military background is Peterson's current professional background. He is the Vice President of Enterprise Technology at Barracuda Networks an Information Security company where he leads a global organization of Systems Engineers around the world as well as being the inventor of new technologies for the company. Throughout Peterson's career, he has been sought to consult with large enterprise corporations around the world, as well as the US Department of Defense and was instrumental in helping design the DoD's largest Firewall infrastructure for the Defense Information Systems Agency and NMCI (Navy & Marine Corps Intranet).

General Robert Barnett of The Greek Ultra-Nationalists (GUN)
Loyal to Team – AC Tactical
paintball general from the RAP4

Veteran United States Navy.  General Building and General Engineering Contractor.  Southern California native.  Currently, reside in Temecula with wife, Nancy and "world's best dog" Wilson.  We enjoy traveling in our motor home and exploring small towns on our scooters. 

Avid shooter; whether skeet, target, airsoft, or paintball.  Appreciate team competition and a strong proponent of ethical sportsmanship.  Enjoy playing woodsball at my family's private paintball field in northern San Diego County.   Frequent bruises taught the value of good camouflage, situational awareness, and flexibility in tactics. 

Magazine-fed paintball is great fun.  The use of limited paint and the reduced possibility of being hit by random spray dictates a game of strategy, awareness, and teamwork. Thrilled to be a member of AC Tactical at Operation End War.