Operation End War Videos


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We would personally like to thank all that came out and played at our 1st annual Operation End War event this last weekend. Some special mentions of thanks include Roland Chick (and staff) and Viper (Mr.  Kerry Rosenberry), whom without their services, this event would not have happened.  Our CO’s  and  XO’s ,  Ralph “Tazz” from BanditsSplat Paintball,  Vic “ Jakodar” Morris , Paul “Big Paul” Rexeisen for their leadership on the field and the great sportsmanship they fostered on their teams.  Special thanks to all the sponsors that donated prizes and services for the awards to the entrants. And lastly to all the players that came out from all points of the country, whom without you we could not offer the style of play you all crave for here in Northern California.  You all make this event extra special and we hope to see you all next time.

The RAP4 Team


Operation Endwar Paintball Event

team engagin enemy
ranger taking shots
paintball team ready to fire
paintball team
team defending attack


Here is an early look at how some battles may go down in the trenches during Operation End War.