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Operation: End War 3 - Story and Missions

Greece 2016

The birthplace of democracy has become the center stage for a new conflict. Albania and Greece are in a land dispute. Albania (a border nation to Greece, and believe part of Greece belong to them) plans an aggressive seizure before the scheduled operation. Enraged over their diminutive share of proposed land seizures under current EU and NATO negotiations, Albanian forces are prepared to march across the border in a series of strategic attacks, securing land they believe they are theirs.

Operation: End War 3 takes place in the rural Greek town of Orino, approximately two miles from the Albanian border. Surrounded on three sides by Albanian land, Orino is situated on a political peninsula...and promises to be the first place weapons will be fired in the Greek multinational crisis.

The Greek Ultra-Nationalists (GUN) have infiltrated Orino, and are prepared to fend off what they believe are foreign invaders. Supplied by a captured base, their unit of mercenaries and freedom-fighters will fight to maintain a sovereign Greek state - safe from the Albanians, safe from NATO, and safe from their own appeasing government. They seek to end this first advance as quickly and violently as possible to send a message to the EU nations currently squabbling that Greece will remain under Greek sovereignty.

Forces of the Albanian Invasion Movement (AIM), acting without NATO support, are prepared to defy international law and take Orino in the name of Albania. Acting in haste, they must secure what land they can as soon as possible before NATO can react and stop their advance. Initial strike teams have been fast-roped into Orino via helicopter to begin securing the main highway for troop and supply transports into the area. They were met immediately with resistance.

And so it begins: the battle for Greece, a conflict that threatens to spill across the region and plunge the world into another global conflict.

Registration: Choose your side - and - join the fight

3 Sample missions (approximately 20 missions are prepared)

Operation: Blow the Bridge!
Situation: Albanian Invasion Movement (AIM) forces seek to seize all infrastructure to transport troops and supplies by land. Greek Ultra-Nationalists (GUN) must slow their advance and create choke points for a guerrilla resistance.
Missions: GUN: Must secure the centrally located bridge and wrap each support post with the explosives. AIM: Secure the centrally located bridge before GUN forces can destroy it. Hold for (TIME) until opposing forces choose another target.

Operation: Ambush the Transport!
Situation: AIM forces have begun to supply the initial push with ammunition and explosives. GUN forces must stop the flow of supplies in order to dominate the area.
Missions: GUN: Ambush and capture or destroy all supplies being transported.
AIM: Transport as many supplies from location A to B as possible. A successful transport will count as a # of points. Do not let the supplies fall into enemy hands!

Operation: Recon the Area!
AIM forces need more intel on the location of GUN forces.
Missions: GUN: Do not allow the enemy to compile data on your position! Intercept enemy recon units and destroy them before they are able to upload their recon photos to their command. Continue to fend off these teams for (TIME) until opposing forces choose another target. AIM: Using handheld military recon devices (smart phones), take photos of all three marked targets (red X's spray painted on walls) in the enemy compound and upload (text) them to the command unit (ref). AIM must get all three photos for mission success.

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When you're ready for a true tactical challenge, to test yourself against equally-armed opponents on challenging terrain where marksmanship and teamwork decide the winner, to see how good you really're ready for Operation: End War.

RAP4's third installment of this thrilling scenario series comes to The Paintball Zone near Waterford, California, the last weekend of September. Arrive early on the 29th and claim your camping spot in the parking area, then muster at the gear rental station to be issued a magazine-fed Tacamo MKV marker. The Operation: End Ward format allows only mag-fed markers in the game, so you'll have to bring your T68, Tacamo, or other mag-fed marker...or you can take advantage of the exciting rental package RAP4 puts together just for these scenarios!

For $50, you'll be able to rent that mag-fed Tacamo MKV, three magazines, an air tank, and get air fills for the weekend. Then they'll show you how to use it, and even how to reload under fire just like military personnel around the world. You'll have twenty shots in each magazine, and be able to reload mags in the field as needed...but once you learn how to coordinate cover fire and make each shot count, you'll discover a whole new way to play milsim paintball.

Operation: End War III follows a scenario that pits multiple teams against each other in storyline-related challenges, so your missions on the field directly affect what you get to do next, and how badly you beat your opponents. Sometimes you'll have to capture and defend a position; other times, search and destroy an installation. You won't know until word comes down through your chain of command, and then: it's time to lock and load. But only for those players hearty enough to muster at The Paintball Zone, and brave enough to try their hand at this true tactical challenge.

When you discover the thrill of mag-fed paintball and want to take home that MKV Operation: End War rental package, you'll even get $100 off its purchase...which can completely offset your registration and rental fees! It's part of RAP4's mission to help players discover the heightened realism, challenge, and fun, of mag-fed paintball.


Real Action Paintball - As Real as it Gets!


Operation End War 3 Mission Brief


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Operation: End War III is coming to The Paintball Zone near Waterford, CA, this September, and you need to be ready...because this mag-fed-only scenario paintball game is truly as real as it gets! RAP4 is working together with The Paintball Zone to put on a fast-paced milsim scenario that will truly test your tactical and teamwork skills.

This is a mag-fed-only scenario game, meaning that only magazine-fed paintball markers will be allowed on the field. When you spot your opponents moving through the village, they'll be carrying equipment that is as near to combat-issue gear as you can get while still playing paintball! The look of their markers and other tactical gear will transport you into the milsim storyline of Operation: End War...and the magazine-fed marker in your hands will have the look, feel, and handling characteristics of combat-issue arms in use around the world.

That also means that players will be limited to realistic ammunition counts of around twenty shots per magazine; that no one will have ugly, heavy hoppers ruining the aesthetic or giving an unfair advantage with unrealistic capacity; that you'll have to make every single shot count, and win by marksmanship and teamwork more than by slinging the largest paint budget! How good are you...really?

Find out here, on September 29th and 30th.

Our Operation: End War scenarios have proven so popular, that this is our third event in only two years. That success comes from the mag-fed fans who rush to our events and make them into newsworthy games. They use RAP4 battle simulation gear like paintball mines and hand grenades, wear tactical gear, and some even use throat mics to stealthily communicate while maneuvering through the brush. Is this the kind of realism and intensity you long for? The kind of adventure you've always wanted to have in paintball?

Then there's only one place to be the last weekend in September: at The Paintball Zone for Operation: End War III!

Limited camping is available in the parking lot, and while you can't have campfires, you can bring a cooler and self-contained cooking stove. Bring your friends and make a weekend of it. Rental packages are available for only $50 that include a magfed RAP4 marker, 3 magazines, a magazine pouch, tank, and air fills. Register here before September 1st and pay only $45 for your entry into the hottest scenario game on the West Coast. Register to play.

Real Action Paintball - As Real as it Gets!


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Real Action Paintball is proud to announce West Coast Operation: EndWar, the hottest mil-sim game you're going to find in the west! This game is exclusively for magazine-fed markers and the most realistic tactical gear, and as the organizing sponsor of the event, we are proud to provide rental packages with our award-winning magazine-fed markers!

Operation: EndWar debuted in California in 2010, and since then has built an incredible following. This September 29-30, the game comes to The Paintball Zone near Waterford, California, for an amazing two-day event that will test your skills as a player and tactical operator...not just your ability to shoot fast! Arrive on Friday the 28th, get checked in, and get ready for an evening of action and special surprises just for Operation: EndWar players! With free camping, you should stay the night - reserve a spot when you register - so that in the morning you'll be ready to go for a full Saturday of mil-sim scenario play.

To make Operation: EndWar truly as real as it gets, only magazine-fed markers are allowed in the RAP4 T68 markers, Tacamo MK-series markers, and other hot models! With all players fielding mag-fed markers, the game focuses much more on tactics, teamwork, marksmanship...and the contributions of individual players! Battles aren't decided by paint budgets, and skirmishes aren't won by volume of shooting alone...but rather, winning squads and teams use the real-life tactics employed by military operators, police tactical units, and Special Forces personnel.

So how good are you, really? When you're ready to prove your mettle in the most realistic scenario on the West Coast, march over to and sign up! Preregister by July 1st, and save big: registration is only $35 per player! If you wait, registration is still only $40 per player before August 1st. Wait until September, and that registration is $ register now and save money for paint, grenades, and gear!

Need a mag-fed marker for Operation: EndWar? We'll hook you up with a mag fed, a compressed air tank, 3 magazines, and a belt with mag pouches, for only $50. Add this rental package when you register, and you'll be all set - we'll issue you all that gear when you arrive onsite for West Coast Operation: EndWar!

Players who already own a magazine-fed marker are welcome to bring it along for the game! Just remember that no hoppers are allowed, because we're working hard to make West Coast Operation: EndWar truly as real as it gets!

More information:

Real Action Paintball - As Real as it Gets!

2012 Mag Fed Paintball Event

East Coast Operation EndWar: Ohio, July 27-28

West Coast Operation EndWar: CA, September 28-29

Tacamo MKV Operation End War Package
Tacamo MKV Operation End War Package
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