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OEW5 will take place on October 3-5, the event will be hosted by Calaveras Tactical. OEW5 will take place in Copperopolis, CA

Standing orders:
- Register on
- You will receive a specific rally point location 3 days before the operation
- A guide will bring the war party to the battlefield

October 3rd, 2014 (+$50) (Optional)
Formal combat training by Calaveras tactical
- 2pm-4pm workshop covering:
- Use of cover
- Proper corner techniques
- Respond to ambush
- Room clearing
- Non-verbal communications
- Mounted (vehicular) operationss

October 3rd and 5th, 2014 ($50):
- Mag fed only game
- Free on-site camping
- Field paintball only

Rental ($50):
Rental package comes with:
1 x MKP-II/468/T68
6 x Magazines
2 x Mag pouch (holds 6 mags)
1 x Mag pouch belt

OEW5 Registration


Reason #1: Be the first to test and get your hands on the latest RAP468 and USMG Gear
rap4 big paintball game

Reason #2: Each player will get a cool team patch


Reason #3: Win a trophy to take home


And oh YES!!!

Who will you fight for?

- Operation End War: Story and Missions

- Operation End War: Meet the Generals

- Operation End War: CA, September 29-30

More information:






 Real  		Action Paintball

The battle is drawing near, and Real Action Paintball wants to make sure you're swept up in it. On September 29th, Albanian forces of the Albanian Invasion Movement (AIM) will sweep into Orino, Greece, and battle the defending Greek Ultra-Nationalists (GUN) in an unprecedented Operation: End War 3, this year's hottest mag-fed-only scenario game!

Their first challengers sweep across the border from Albania on September 29th, and you'd better be locked and loaded regardless of whose side you're on. With missions that include demolitions and reconnaissance, targeted operations and broad campaigns, Operation: End War 3 will have you reloading just as fast as you can swap magazines.

Operation: End War 3 is a mag-fed-only game, meaning that you can only use your magazine-fed, mil-sim marker. Don't have one? No worries - RAP4 has a terrific rental package that includes a cutting-edge MKV marker, several spare magazines, and a magazine carrier. Once you come to appreciate the MKV's effectiveness in battle, you can buy the marker for a steep discount only available at the event.

Then bring it back to your home field and show your friends the excitement of the hot new mag-fed paintball format.

How good of a marksman are you? How good are you at running small group maneuvers, and working with a team? You'll find out at Operation: End War 3, and if you're good enough, you can turn the tide for your team.

But first, make sure we're holding a spot for you by registering here:

Event: Operation: End War 3
Dates: September 29-30
Field: The Paintball Zone
Location: Near Waterford, California

We'll see you at the field.

Real Action Paintball - As Real as it Gets!

Who will you fight for?

- Operation End War: Story and Missions

- Operation End War: Meet the Generals

- Operation End War: CA, September 29-30


rap4 paintball game map

When you're ready for a true tactical challenge, to test yourself against equally-armed opponents on challenging terrain where marksmanship and teamwork decide the winner, to see how good you really're ready for Operation: End War.

RAP4's third installment of this thrilling scenario series comes to The Paintball Zone near Waterford, California, the last weekend of September. Arrive early on the 29th and claim your camping spot in the parking area, then muster at the gear rental station to be issued a magazine-fed Tacamo MKV marker. The Operation: End Ward format allows only mag-fed markers in the game, so you'll have to bring your T68, Tacamo, or other mag-fed marker...or you can take advantage of the exciting rental package RAP4 puts together just for these scenarios!

For $50, you'll be able to rent that mag-fed Tacamo MKV, three magazines, an air tank, and get air fills for the weekend. Then they'll show you how to use it, and even how to reload under fire just like military personnel around the world. You'll have twenty shots in each magazine, and be able to reload mags in the field as needed...but once you learn how to coordinate cover fire and make each shot count, you'll discover a whole new way to play milsim paintball.

Operation: End War III follows a scenario that pits multiple teams against each other in storyline-related challenges, so your missions on the field directly affect what you get to do next, and how badly you beat your opponents. Sometimes you'll have to capture and defend a position; other times, search and destroy an installation. You won't know until word comes down through your chain of command, and then: it's time to lock and load. But only for those players hearty enough to muster at The Paintball Zone, and brave enough to try their hand at this true tactical challenge.

When you discover the thrill of mag-fed paintball and want to take home that MKV Operation: End War rental package, you'll even get $100 off its purchase...which can completely offset your registration and rental fees! It's part of RAP4's mission to help players discover the heightened realism, challenge, and fun, of mag-fed paintball.


Real Action Paintball - As Real as it Gets!


Operation End War 3 Mission Brief

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